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Throughout their years of coaching women, authors Bastianutti and Ford where struck by how many smart, talented, articulate, and brilliant women they had encountered--who despite all of that--continued to sit on their ideas instead of sharing them; continued to second-guess themselves; and continued to let their insecurity hold them back and play small both in their work and relationships. They too recognized themselves to be one of those women.They wondered why the problem of insecurity had such a hold on women, despite all of the tools and strategies they utilized in their work as coaches. Why were women unable to close the gap of insecurity and change the habit of being their insecure self? Why wasn’t it working?These are the questions that get answered in their new book: Women and Confidence: The Truth About the Lies We Tell Ourselves.What if everything you thought you knew about how to be confident actually missed the mark? What if you’ve been looking in the wrong direction? Women and Confidence: The Truth About the Lies We Tell Ourselves, makes a bold and revolutionary claim that confidence is not something we have to achieve or create, but is in fact, an innate quality every single one of us possess.Sharing personal stories from their own life, authors Bastianutti and Ford illuminate the key role that thoughts and feelings play in how our experience of insecurity and confidence gets created. They make a strong and powerful argument that turns modern psychology on its head and allows us to see the illusion of our insecure thinking and more importantly, how to get free of it. With their compelling and very personal stories, each chapter argues and refutes the “lies” women tell themselves about why they can’t be confident--why they believe it’s not possible to be confident--both in their professional and personal life. This book finally leads women to the truth about this elusive quality we all want. It’s simpler than we all think.


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Meet Linda Ford

Hi, I’m Lind Ford. I’m a certified master coach, author, podcaster, and teacher. And I have a soft spot for smart, talented, and brilliant women, who despite all of that, continue to hold themselves back in their work; continue to second-guess their ideas instead of sharing them; and who hide out in life because they never feel good enough.

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Meet Lana Bastianutti

Hi, I’m Lana. I’m a professional certified coach, author, podcaster, blogger and mentor and I love to wake women up to their own worth so that they can make an impact in their work and in their lives. While the days of women encouraged to be shrinking violets are long gone, too many of us still find ourselves holding back and staying in the shadows - whether personally or professionally - because of feelings of insecurity and doubt. No more.

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